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Train like a warrior at our school.

Bushi Ban Clear Lake Martial Arts and Fitness is a martial arts style that mixes self-defense, mixed martial arts, and physical fitness concepts with the powerful, time-tested knowledge and methods of traditional martial arts.

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Chief Instructor is Guru Kazi Qais

Bushi Ban Clear Lake  Kids Martial Arts programs are designed to build esteem, fitness, focus, and character. The program works to bring out the very best in each and every child through a challenging and fun-based curriculum.


Q About the School

Bushi Ban Martial Arts and Fitness is a martial arts system that combines the strong, time-tested traditional martial arts knowledge and techniques with the newest and most contemporary self defense, mixed martial arts, and physical fitness principles to create a complete system that builds strength, confidence and character in adults and children. With schools and affiliates throughout the world, Bushi Ban is headquartered in Houston. All schools offer adult and children's martial arts programs, taught by certified and experienced Black Belt instructors, many recognized not only for their titled accomplishments in martial arts competitions but also for their professional dedication to teaching at the highest standards. Bushi Ban's Kids Martial Arts programs are designed to build esteem, fitness, focus, and character. The program works to bring out the very best in each and every child through a challenging and fun-based curriculum.

Q Bushi Ban After School Program

The Bushi Ban After School Martial Arts Program gives kids the confidence, self-discipline and leadership skills to excel at school, home and in all aspects of life. Here your child will be surrounded by caring, friendly, patient, helpful, and professional instructors dedicated to helping children achieve their fitness, academic and martial arts goals. Your child will benefit from their time in the Bushi Ban system by helping them develop life skills and build character as well as enhance personal development. Your child will spend their time with us unplugged from all electronic devices and will spend their time improving fitness, health and wellness. They will be challenged through athletic competition in a positive manner while being steeped in our rich history and tradition.

Bushi Ban instructors are certified black belts and great role models. Each instructor has the training to teach, motivate and inspire children of all ages. They have attended and continue to attend many seminars, workshops, and clinics dealing with human behavior, child psychology and human relations in addition to Martial Arts.

Q Bushi Ban Kickboxing Classes

This high-end Kickboxing program isn't for the faint of heart! It was created for peak performers that want a hard-core workout that burns up to 800 calories in a single ONE hour session.This ultimate workout combines best of kickboxing and mixed martial arts fitness with high-intensity aerobics, and the latest, most progressive Bushi Ban training methods available. You'll learn to use your hands, arms, elbows, legs and knees to kick, punch and work yourself into top physical shape.

Plus, to make sure you get pushed to your limits, you'll jostle between cross training, bands, bag workouts, light weights, pads, heavy bags and much, MUCH MORE! You will be stretching, flexing, toning each muscle and sculpting your body with every class while shedding unwanted pounds.

With this Kickboxing program, your coordination will improve, your flexibility will increase, and your strength and stamina will hit an all-time high.

Q Benefits of Kickboxing Fitness

-A tight, washboard stomach
-A lean, sculpted torso
-Well-defined arms, back, and chest
-Shapely calves and thighs
-Weight loss and a toned body

Q Bushi Ban Health and Wellness Classes

Nothing is as important as your health.

If you are looking and feeling older than your years, chances are you are eating poorly, rarely exercising, and living a life full of pressure and stress.

However, the road to better health requires a combination of good food, muscle development, cardio fitness, coupled with proper breathing and energy flow.

That's why the Bushi Ban Health and Wellness program takes a proactive HOLISTIC approach to health and healing.

We combine nutrition, Karate, modern-day yoga, traditional Tai Chi, and the powerful energy healing art of Chi Gong to cleanse, strengthen and revitalize the body until it returns to proper health.