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Building superior fitness, focus and confidence to help you become a new you!

Building superior fitness, focus and confidence to help you become a new you! The Bushi Ban International Friendswood best Martial Arts and Self Defense Training Center.

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Chief Instructor is Mrs. Veronica

Bushi Ban International Friendswood is a martial arts system that combines the strong, time-tested traditional martial arts knowledge and techniques with the newest and most contemporary self defense, mixed martial arts, and physical fitness principles to create a complete system that builds strength, confidence and character in adults and children. With schools and affiliates throughout the world, Bushi Ban International Friendswood is headquartered in Houston. All schools offer adult and children’s martial arts programs, taught by certified and experienced Black Belt instructors, many recognized not only for their titled accomplishments in martial arts competitions but also for their professional dedication to teaching at the highest standards. Bushi Ban’s Kids Martial Arts programs are designed to build esteem, fitness, focus, and character. The program works to bring out the very best in each and every child through a challenging and fun-based curriculum.


Q How Martial Arts Creates Success in School Age Children

Martial arts creates success in school-age children by teaching them life skills. They are challenged in the right ways. This month it’s all about setting and achieving goals at Bushi Ban. Each belt color represents an accomplished challenge. Here is what is behind the color of a belt. In this article we will learn more about how Bushi Ban reinforces the best in our students. Leadership Martial arts students make good leaders.

Q 5 Major Benefits of Martial Arts for Differently-Abled Children

Key Learning Points: Martial arts focuses on the body and the mind equally It helps all children learn respect, self-control, and focus. The feeling your child gets from training is more important than the type and technique of martial arts they are performing. Between school and homework, kids spend the majority of their day sitting at a desk for studies. That’s why extracurricular activities that allow them to release their energy are important.

Q The Bushi Ban “Why”

Martial arts training is a great opportunity for all kids to build positive self-esteem and find community, and acceptance in a safe environment. Becoming a Bushi Ban student is like coming home because for many Bushi Ban students, martial arts becomes a way of life and offers an extended family atmosphere. Even parents find new and healthy connections with other like-minded adults. It’s a winning combination for families.

We’d love to introduce your child to the Bushi Ban Blackbelt Mindset. Starting at age 3, our youngest students, “Little Warriors” have the opportunity to begin a path to health, discipline and learning in positive reinforcement and accepting of those who have differently-abled physical or mental challenges. From there, by age group, your child progresses to the next levels of training until they join our advanced classes later in their journey.

Q The Importance of Training the Core for Adults and Teens

Onnit describes the need for a strong core in martial arts as, “Understand [the core’s] importance in increasing explosive power, improving overall strength, maximizing mobility, reducing stress on the body, and minimizing your injuries.” Having a strong and stable core is important in all athletic pursuits and the martial arts is no different. Everything begins and ends with the core. That includes punches, kicks, throws, grappling, clinching, takedowns and everything in between.

Q Why is Martial Arts the Best Workout For Kids?

Martial arts is a workout that combines mental and physical concentration to achieve results. Today our kids are spending less time running around outdoors and more time inside with their attention solely on the television, phones, and video games. Martial arts allows your children to physically engage and mentally focus on their instructor, form, and classmates.