Byung Lee’s King Tiger Tae Kwon Do

The true symbol of martial arts in the orient is respect. This tradition continues to be taught at Byung Lee’s King Tiger academy.

The true symbol of martial arts in the orient is respect. This tradition continues to be taught at Byung Lee’s King Tiger Tae Kwon Do in Winterville . If you feel that discipline, respect, and a positive character development are important to you and your family, then Byung Lee’s King Tiger Tae Kwon Do is for you. Byung Lee’s King Tiger Academies focus on building a strong community through personal growth and individual strength. At our schools you become a vital part of the whole as you realize your own potentials through the dynamic relationships you develop with the instructors and other students. This family spirit is carried home, to the office, and to every other part of life. It is not just self-defense or a way to stay fit. It’s A WAY OF LIFE!

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Chief Instructor is Grandmaster Byung Lee

At Byung Lee’s King Tiger Tae Kwon Do we are not only interested in self-defense skills, but in the development of each person as a whole. We realize that each person is different and our school is setup to cater to all people. With classes running throughout the day, and classes for adults, families, children, and groups of all different experience levels we have a martial arts instruction class for you! “Taking Taekwondo as a family has given us a great activity to do together…Taekwondo has helped me to be more confident…the friends that you make become like family…”


Q Who Practices Taekwondo?

Everyone can learn Taekwondo! It is a discipline that is specific for the individual—so whatever age, whatever weight, whatever handicap you may have, Taekwondo can help you learn to improve yourself and your lifestyle. Call to set up martial arts instruction today!

Q What is Taekwondo?

The literal meaning (translation) of Taekwondo is “foot, hand, art”- or the way of the hand and foot. However, Taekwondo means much more than kicking and punching. It is a non-violent discipline that achieves the goal of inner peace by conditioning the entire body. This art originated in Korea and it is now the most practiced martial art in the world

Q What Makes Our Taekwondo School Different ?

Extensive Martial Arts Experience
Experienced And Patient Instructors
Sanitary Spacious And Safe Facilities
A Constructive Learning Environment
Convenient Class Times
Active Community With Special Events
Our "Student First" Philosophy

Q Why Taekwondo Is Beneficial ?

There are multiple reasons why Taekwondo is an excellent choice for you or your child. Here are some key benefits of our martial art:
Boosts Confidence
Develops Discipline
Encourages Exercise
Fosters Respect
Creates Lifelong Skills
Build Friendships