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Forge Your Inner Warrior at CanAm Karate Newmarket: More Than Just Kicks and Punches

Nestled amidst the charm of Newmarket, CanAm Karate isn’t just a dojo; it’s a crucible where you forge your inner warrior in the fires of diverse martial arts. We offer a tapestry woven with threads of strength, resilience, and community, each one empowering you to conquer any challenge and rise above. Whether you crave the dynamic kicks of Taekwondo, the strategic grappling of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the mindful focus of Tai Chi, or the practical self-defense of Krav Maga, CanAm Karate has the tools to ignite your potential. We don’t just teach techniques; we ignite passion, cultivate unwavering determination, and forge a tribe of empowered individuals.

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Chief Instructor is Shihan

CanAm Karate Newmarket isn’t just a place to learn; it’s a launchpad for your inner warrior’s triumphant journey. Join our community, ignite your spirit, and write your own story of strength, confidence, and community. This variant emphasizes the diverse offerings, holistic approach, and Newmarket location, highlighting personal growth and community over combat skills. Contact us today and take your first step towards unleashing the champion within.


Q Will My Child Become A Bully?

A specific part of our preschool and kids martial arts classes at Canam karate is teaching respect, and teaching when to use their new self defense training and when to NOT use them. We find that our students become more confident to stand up to bullies. And have more humility and kindness to others through their martial arts lessons.

Q Are Parents Allowed To Watch?

We encourage parents to watch their children in their kids martial arts lessons. We love parents getting involved! And so do their kids. Even better… join into some of our martial arts classes for adults. Your kids will love that you have something in common. It will build a strong family bond!
Additionally, if you wanted some ‘me-time’? Simply drop them off, and go grab a coffee. They will greet you with a huge smile when you return, because they had SO much fun!

Q I'm out of shape. Am I going to be able to keep up in class?

That's what we're here for! There's no sense trying to "get in shape" before you sign up. Just get started! All that we ask is that you try your best, and you keep moving! With time, your strength and endurance will increase, and things will get easier. Yes, it will be challenging, but most of the best things in life come with hard work!

Q Am I going to be the only woman in class?

Not likely. That said, if you did happen to be the only woman in class, we assure you that you'll find your peers to be friendly, helpful, and welcoming.