Champions Martial Arts Wantagh

Join the martial arts family at our school.

Champions Martial Arts Wantagh is the premier martial arts school in Wantagh, New York. We offer a wide variety of martial arts programs for students of all ages and skill levels. Students learn flexibility, practice martial arts & do exciting drills that are guaranteed to improve coordination and strengthen child development. Most importantly every class teaches an age specific life skill to build leadership from an early age!

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Chief Instructor is Master Shannon Park

Champions Martial Arts Wantagh experienced instructors will teach you the skills you need to become a champion in your chosen martial art. We also offer a variety of fitness classes, such as yoga, Pilates, and Zumba. At Champions Martial Arts Wantagh , we believe that martial arts is more than just a physical activity. It is also a way to build confidence, discipline, and self-esteem. We are committed to providing our students with a safe and supportive environment where they can learn and grow.



No, we have new students starting all the time and we will schedule your class to make sure you receive the proper attention as a beginner.

Q Our Mission/Goal

We are committed to helping our students achieve their full potential and reach their goals, whether it be improving their physical fitness, learning self-defense techniques, or competing at a higher level.

Q Things included in Kids Program

Our kids martial arts program is designed to provide a fun and interactive learning experience for children of all ages and skill levels. Our classes are taught by experienced and certified instructors who are dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential.

Q Things included in Teens/Adults Program

Conditioning and Fitness: Many martial arts styles place a strong emphasis on physical fitness and conditioning. This portion of the program may include exercises to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall physical fitness.