Chay’s Tae Kwon Do

From Ancient Warriors to Special Forces

Welcome to Chay’s Tae Kwon Do – Cedarburg! We have a been a fixture in Cedarburg since 2002. We pride ourselves un being part of the community and emphasizing life skills, along with fitness and our Tae Kwon Do curriculum. Our motto is “Changing the world one Black Belt at a time”. We also provide personal one-on-one training and conduct women’s self defense training.

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Chief Instructor is Grandmaster Chay

We’re proud to offer high-quality Taekwondo training for all ages, private training for adults, and accessible after school programs. Our goal is to give back to our Cedarburg community by helping kids learn unwavering confidence and lifelong habits of physical fitness, plus giving adults the opportunity to pursue weight loss and lean muscle gain through fun and social training programs. We have a rich history within the martial arts sphere, and we’re excited to share our knowledge with you and have some fun! Chay’s Tae Kwon Do  – Cedarburg is proud to be a little bit different. We’re on a mission to help our students succeed in all aspects of life.


Q Why Choose Taekwondo?

-Martial arts training provides a sense of complete self-confidence to students of all ages, empowering them to live life fearlessly!

-As you master each new Taekwondo technique, you'll learn focus and discipline, improving performance in school and in the workplace.

-One of the many benefits of martial arts training is that you'll gain real self-defense skills! Protect yourself and your loved ones wherever life takes you.

-Taekwondo is about community as much as it is about punching and kicking. We're on a mission to bring Cedarburg together through the martial arts!

Q Why Train

There's no program out there that emphasizes discipline, respect, and all-around fitness like the martial arts! Not only will our students grow physically, but they become stronger mentally and spiritually.
Plus, we teach real self-defense skills and help kids from all over Cedarburg become bullyproof!
Taekwondo prepares students for the real world.


At Chay's Tae Kwon Do Cedarburg, we're doing things just a little bit differently. Rather than focusing on the kicks and punches of traditional Tae Kwon Do, we introduce students to effective self-defense skills in a safe, supportive environment.

Our Kids Tae Kwon Do classes build each child up one step at a time with a focus on mastering each skill before taking a step forward. We use the exciting world of Martial Arts not as a strategy to injure and fight but as a way to help students stand up to any challenge and stay confident no matter what life throws their way.

Join us here in Cedarburg today and treat your child to:

Small class sizes where everyone can enjoy hands-on instruction
Ongoing support and encouragement throughout every class
Professional coaching that is perfect for all abilities
A proven path to personal growth and well-rounded development


Today there are thousands of Americans studying Tae Kwon Do because this athletic activity develops a combination of balance, coordination, and flexibility while instilling a sense of self-discipline that can carry into all aspects of your life. Tae Kwon Do has grown to be so popular because it is a comprehensive martial art that can benefit everyone and help students to meet their own individual goals.

When you enroll in the Adult Classes at Chay's Tae Kwon Do Cedarburg, you're guaranteed a fat-busting, muscle-building, sense-sharpening workout like you've never experienced. On top of it all, you're going to enjoy dozens of valuable benefits starting with your very first class. Here are just a few:

You'll effortlessly drop unwanted weight as you get in shape fast
You'll experience unstoppable energy all day long
You'll enjoy a huge boost to your self-esteem
Your stress levels will be drastically reduced
Your ability to concentrate will go through the roof
You'll learn vital self-defense skills to keep you safe in any situation