Hamlet’s Taekwondo Academy

Building Strong Minds, And Strong Bodies.

The self-defense and martial arts courses offered at Hamlet’s Taekwondo Academy in Vacaville, CA, will suit your specific needs. Whether your primary focus is getting into shape or learning to defend yourself, our classes can help.

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Chief Instructor is Master Brian Hamlet

Hamlet’s Taekwondo Academy emphasis on the philosophy of the martial arts means that you’ll develop strategies for bringing peace and tranquility into your life. Hamlet’s Taekwondo Academy instructors are acknowledged masters of the martial arts, and we have developed unique teaching methods that help our students accomplish their goals. We’re dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction and to providing attention to detail. We’ll periodically check with you to see that you’re happy with our services, and our hours of operation are flexible for your convenience.


Q About Master Brian Hamlet

My name is Brian Hamlet, Master Instructor and school owner. It is my sincerest wish that you will let me share with you and your family a martial art that has been a part of my life for the last 40 years. It is more than just something I happen to love; it is an activity that has something to offer everyone. When one first enters our school and sees a class in session, the obvious is first noticeable, and that would be the physical movement and techniques of self-defense that the students are learning. However; if one were to look a little longer, a little deeper, then you would see the level of courtesy and respect that the students show each other. You would see people from all walks of life coming together to better themselves both physically and mentally. would also see people having a lot of fun!

Q What We Offer

You can come to us for:
Self-defense classes
Self-defense for kids
Taekwondo classes
Self-defense for groups
Our self-defense and martial arts course will help you in your quest for fulfillment. We welcome residents of Vacaville, CA. Call Hamlet's Taekwondo Academy today to begin your journey.

Q About Taekwondo Classes

Studying Taekwondo offers many benefits for both children and adults. At Hamlet's Taekwondo Academy in Vacaville, CA, we offer traditional Taekwondo training in a professional, friendly environment.


Hamlet's Taekwondo Academy offers martial arts for children at its studios in Vacaville, CA. We aim to introduce children to the philosophy of the martial arts. They'll learn attitudes of respect and discipline that will transfer over to their daily lives. We'll give them a workout that will get them in great shape while honing their physical skills.

Our program emphasizes self-defense skills and general fighting techniques. Our classes are intentionally kept small so that we can provide attention to detail. Although much of the material taught to the students is rough, we make sure everyone is kept safe and sound. We'll do everything we can to help your child develop physically, emotionally, and socially. We always aim for client satisfaction.
At Hamlet's Taekwondo Academy, we provide martial arts for children. The classes are a great way for kids to develop a real sense of self-confidence. We serve Vacaville, CA and offer flexible hours, so call us today to reserve your child a spot in one of our classes.