IMA Nihon Karate Do


IMA Nihon Karate Do is a martial arts school in Queens that offers a variety of classes for all ages and skill levels. We teach traditional Shotokan karate, as well as a variety of other martial arts, including kickboxing, Muay Thai, and self-defense. Our experienced instructors will teach you the skills you need to improve your fitness, boost your confidence, and protect yourself from harm.

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Chief Instructor is Senpai Meilynn

IMA Nihon Karate Do USA is the leading and most innovative martial arts organization today, we welcome all martial artists regardless of style, system or other affiliation. We are a fully-accredited traditional martial arts dojo, teaching Shotokan karate to men, women and children under Shihan Shanta Thokar, a 6th Degree (Roku Dan) black belt and more than 35 years of karate experience. Shotokan Karate is the first and the oldest Martial arts in the world that was originally founded by Master Gichin Funakoshi, and modernized by Masatoshi Nakayama, the former Chief Instructor of Japan Karate Association. Karate is a weaponless system of self-defense, which is an excellent all-around fitness regimen, exercising the body’s muscles in a combination of aerobic and anaerobic workouts. Shotokan Karate consists of a fully scientific way of body exercises that develops, strengthens and sharpens the physical body as well as mental concentration with strong spirit. IMA Nihon Karate Do goal: To Build Character , karate originated and developed in Japan, and spread all over the world because of its strong commitment to build character and strengthen physical body as well as mental concentration.


Q At what age can I start practicing karate?

Karate is practiced by millions of people of every ages around the world. We recommend any one over 3 years old to start learning karate.

Q Is Karate for me?

Karate is practiced by millions of people around the world, so there is a chance you are one of them. However, you can only know once you try.

Q Can I start karate even if I am not fit?

You certainly can. A little bit of determination and hard work is all you need to start on your karate journey.

Q What will I learn in Karate?

Combat skills, self-development, respect, discipline are some of many things you can learn.