Impact Martial Arts And Fitness – Team Feidt

Discover the art of self-defense at our school.

Impact Martial Arts And Fitness – Team Feidt Liverpool has been serving , Baldwinsville, and Clay with the finest martial arts and fitness training since 1990.

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Chief instructor is Master Theron Feidt

Under the name Team Feidt, offer the best quality, service, and value to people of all ages and skill levels. Kids and parents alike have something to look forward to when training with us. Impact Martial Arts And Fitness – Team Feidt Liverpool also the only school in Liverpool upstate New York that’s a part of the Krav Maga Alliance, so we guarantee our training is the best.


Q About Krav Maga Program

GO BEYOND TRADITIONAL MARTIAL ARTS AND LEARN TO FIGHT Prepare to Defend Yourself in Any SituationImpact Martial Arts belongs to the Krav Maga Alliance and we have the only Krav Maga Black Belt in upstate New York.Krav Maga is the fighting method taught to men and women in the Israeli Defense Systems, and it has been adopted by law enforcement and special forces around the world. It teaches students how to fight in real-world situations so that they’re never caught unprepared. Krav Maga teaches you how to defend yourself by building on your body’s natural reactions to being attacked and giving you the tools – and the strength – to disarm and defeat your opponents. As you train, you’ll build stamina and hone your reflexes until you are a fighting machine.

Q Can women study Krav Maga?

Absolutely! Krav Maga is designed to help people who might be smaller than their attackers to defend themselves, so it’s an ideal self-defense method for women to learn.

Q I don’t have any martial arts experience. Can I take Krav Maga?

Yes, you don’t need experience to take Krav Maga classes. There are levels of Krav Maga just as there are in any martial arts discipline, so you’ll start at the bottom and work your way up.

Q Is Krav Maga a good workout if I want to lose weight and get in shape?

Absolutely. Krav Maga is a high-intensity workout that pushes students to their physical limits. You’ll learn just how strong and powerful your body can be.

Q Is there a belt system in Krav Maga?

Yes, there are 10 levels represented by belt colors: Basic/No belt, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown, Red, and Black. Students often progress at different paces. You’ll have to test at each level before advancing to the next.