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KickFit Martial Arts - Langley: Unleash Your Inner Champ

At KickFit Martial Arts in Langley, we offer all sorts of martial arts classes! No matter your age or skill level, we have something for you. We have Taekwondo, Karate, and even MMA!Our expert instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping you reach your goals. They’ll personalize your training to fit your needs and make sure you’re having fun while learning.

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Chief Instructor is Kyoshi Ken

We believe martial arts can help you build character and become a better person, both in and outside the dojo. Our classes teach you discipline, respect, focus, and perseverance, which are valuable tools for success in life. So come join us at KickFit Martial Arts! We’re a friendly community where you can make new friends, learn valuable skills, and get in great shape. Sign up for your free trial class today and start your journey to becoming a champion!


Q Will My Child Become A Bully?

A specific part of our preschool and kids martial arts classes at KickFit Martial Arts - Langley is teaching respect, and teaching when to use their new self defense training and when to NOT use them. We find that our students become more confident to stand up to bullies. And have more humility and kindness to others through their martial arts lessons.

Q Are your classes suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! We welcome individuals of all ages and skill levels, from complete beginners to experienced athletes. Our instructors are skilled at tailoring their teaching methods to each student, ensuring they receive personalized attention and guidance to learn and progress at their own pace.

Q I'm out of shape. Am I going to be able to keep up in class?

That's what we're here for! There's no sense trying to "get in shape" before you sign up. Just get started! All that we ask is that you try your best, and you keep moving! With time, your strength and endurance will increase, and things will get easier. Yes, it will be challenging, but most of the best things in life come with hard work!