Victory Karate

Unleash your inner warrior at our martial arts school.

We strongly believe that martial arts can be for everyone, regardless of age, gender or experience levels.

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Chief instructor is Master John Gartland

Throughout all of our programs, students will not only learn the necessary skill sets to protect themselves, but we also stand behind our realistic and practical approach, it will enable every member to achieve greatness and live their best life.


Q Our Mission/Goal

We are committed to helping our students achieve their full potential and reach their goals, whether it be improving their physical fitness, learning self-defense techniques, or competing at a higher level.

Q Things included in Kids Program

In addition to physical training, our kids program also focuses on character development and teaching important values such as respect, discipline, and self-control. We believe that these values are essential for children to succeed not only in martial arts, but also in everyday life.

Q Benefits of Martial Arts

One of the major benefits of martial arts is improved physical fitness. Regular training in martial arts can improve cardiovascular health, increase strength and flexibility, and enhance coordination and balance. These physical benefits can lead to a healthier and more active lifestyle.


Our kids martial arts program is designed to provide a fun and interactive learning experience for children of all ages and skill levels. Our classes are taught by experienced and certified instructors who are dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential.

Q Things included in Teens/Adults Program

Basics and Techniques: This portion of the program focuses on teaching students the basic techniques and movements of the martial art being studied, such as punches, kicks, blocks, and footwork. These skills provide the foundation for more advanced techniques and are essential for proper execution and effectiveness in sparring and self-defense situations.